Built by a Trucking Company
for a trucking company.

Industry Knowledge

SafetyBox was developed with industry experts and professionals who have ran safety departments and know the needs of fleets and their drivers. No over-engineering or unnecessary clutter. Real solutions for real problems you face.

We also know the constraints that you and your safety department face, always needing to get more done with less. That's why SafetyBox is provided as a software service, meaning we take care of the technical needs and you get to simply enjoy the product. No paying for costly servers or technicians and no need to put more burden on your staff. Simple to use and easily accessible no matter where you are. 

It is just such a high trucking IQ, it’s the only thing I’ve found that just gets our needs. SafetyBox is a must-have, and I couldn’t do my job without it!
— Nick Cindrich ~ VP of Safety