What service and support comes with idelic products?

We stand behind every product we offer. That's why you will always get our comprehensive support at every step of the way. If Idelic hosts your application, your products and accounts will updated and monitored around the clock by our service team at no extra charge. We also offer several service packages so you can always have the latest updates, features, and upgrades.

Does Safetybox work with other systems I currently have?

SafetyBox is specifically designed to integrate with other applications you currently use. Whether it's HR, training, telematics, or operations applications, SafetyBox will allow you to tie in all of your systems so you no longer have to jump back and forth between them. You will now have information flowing between them all, cutting out double entry into each system and wasted time, making all of your programs now more valuable and efficient.

how customizable is safetybox, and can i change things after i buy it?

We understand that your business and your needs are not the same as others. SafetyBox comes out of the box with default templates and settings that are commonly seen in the industry, but in our newly redesigned product you can quickly and easily customize it to your needs. Create or remove fields and build custom reports that show only what you need in the way you like to see it. If you don't deal with forklifts, remove the field from your reports. It's simple and in your control. 

Do i need safetybox to use the driver app?

The driver app works as a stand-alone product and can provide significant value to any fleet. That value is greatly bolstered, however, with the presence of SafetyBox. The app has a smooth and seamless integration with SafetyBox, thereby making it more effective and cutting down on administrative time spent when the two are paired together.

Do i have to buy the whole product or can I pick features to get from safetybox?

SafetyBox is a modular product and can be purchased in sections. You have the ability to choose which pieces of compliance, safety, or risk management you want and at a price you can afford. SafetyBox, however, is meant to be used as a comprehensive and connected product, so buying the whole solution provides the most benefit and gives you the most return on your investment.