a solid foundation meets an innovative new beginning


Idelic is a software enterprise solutions provider for transportation fleets based in Pittsburgh PA. Born from the trucking industry and infused with modern innovation and entrepreneurship,

we provide intuitive solutions that helps your fleet save costs and lives.

SafetyBox, our flagship product, allows safety managers and their teams to automate compliance processes, integrate all of their systems, and gain valuable insight and analytics on their drivers, terminals, and overall operations. Armed with these tools you can prescribe pro-active actions before accidents happen. 

We are a team of experienced industry and technical experts and understand your specific industry and safety needs. We don't over-engineer our products and pride ourselves on listening to our customers by providing solutions tailored to solve your real problems. We love hearing from you and invite you to connect with us so we can continue to hear your story and needs. 

Our Mission

to help you get your drivers home safe each night


We Understand what's Important to you

Your most important assets are your drivers.

We understand this because we've been there. That's why our focus is put squarely on helping you and your team ensure all of your drivers are coming home every night. Every decision we make and new product or feature we create is done with the goal of giving you the specific tools you need to do your job and do it well. That is our promise and that is what drives us every day.

If you work with Idelic, you are family. That's our mission and our motto. Whether as a customer, partner, or employee, you'll get the respect and service you deserve. We pride ourselves on our innovation and ability to create useful products, but that doesn't happen without your input. We encourage you to let us know how we're doing and how we can improve. Please reach out, we'd love to hear from you!

Our History

a solid foundation to a new beginning


Industry knowledge meets
Product innovation

Out of the need for a comprehensive safety, compliance, and risk management system, Pitt Ohio Express started to create an in-house solution for their own personal and apparent needs over a decade ago. They wanted a way to have all the information about their drivers in one place and be able to track and record their behaviors so their managers could better train them and help them develop. From this, SafetyBox was born.

Over the years, additional functionality and automation was added, making solutions for 

all facets of the safety team's needs. As tremendous results were proven and awards won, SafetyBox started to garner the attention of the industry as a whole, and fleets came calling to get these benefits as well. Pitt Ohio started selling the product to others, but quickly realized that commercializing software was outside the scope of their expertise and sought outside help. This help came in Idelic.

With expertise in product development and software support, Idelic has taken over 

SafetyBox and its commercialization and added other products and services to the SafetyBox suite. Now as the owner of the product, Idelic has built off the industry knowledge and infused cutting-edge design and technology to better enhance the user experience and give unparalleled products and services to the transportation industry. Moving forward, Idelic has positioned itself to be the leader in enterprise SaaS solutions for fleets and build off the rich and storied traditions of the products it offers. 


where difference makers leave their mark


Who we are

At Idelic, we are a mixture of technology and industry, business and design.

We have big ideas and work hard to make them game-changing realities. We get to know the customers we help and strive to feel and understand the impact that we make on their lives and business. That's who we are and that's what we look for.

Idelic has created a culture where every employee plays a crucial role. I am able to work on exciting projects that challenge my creativity and have co-workers committed to the continued success of the company.
— Aedan Marty


Who we want

We are looking for intelligent, hard working, and capable people, of course.

More importantly, we attract genuinely interested individuals who love to dive into complex and interesting problems, work as a team, and make solutions to change lives. Transportation is one of the largest and most relied upon industries in the world, and what we do makes a difference.



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